The Carbon and Energy Fund is hardly a new idea

It appears that we are doing nothing new, but perhaps the fees have dropped

“We will leave a steam engine free of charge to you. We will install these and will

take over for five years the customer service. We guarantee you that the coal for

the machine costs less, than you must spend at present at fodder on the

horses, which do the same work. And everything that we require of you, is that you

give us a third of the money, which you save.” [James Watt, 1736-1819]

steam engine

CEFS framework re-procurement

The CEF is re-procuring the CEFS framework

We are seeking additional contractors to deliver projects for two reasons

a) The existing contractors are reaching their capacity to bid and deliver projects for the NHS
b) The CEF model is now the vehicle of choice, for this type of project, for the whole public sector in the UK, so we need more contractors

All contractors wishing to be on the framework need to respond to the current OJEU UK- Salford – Building Services – 2013/S 030-047316

This procurement exercise will be conducted on the EU supply eTendering portal at:
Candidates wishing to be considered for this agreement must register their expression of interest and provide additional procurement specific information through this portal.
To register interest:
1) Go to ‘Current Tender Opportunities’ from the eTendering portal login page:
2) Find the tender listed and click on the title. This will take you to the letter of invitation.
3) If you are not a registered user of EU Supply follow the ‘Online registration’ link otherwise follow the ‘Login’ link and enter username and password.
4) Once logged in ‘Accept’ the invitation to register your interest in the opportunity. You will then be taken direct to the tender response screen.
5) Go to the ‘Access Documents’ folder on the response screen to view and download tender documentation.
Further guidance on how to access and respond to the opportunity is available in the ‘Quick Guide for Suppliers’ which is available for downloading from the main portal login page:
(follow link: ‘Quick Guide for Suppliers’).
For any support in submitting your response please contact EU Supply Helpdesk at (Tel: 0800 840 2050) quoting the tender ID number.